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Help NHBCOS stay vibrant!

We are so happy that you are a part of the NHBCOS family! We are reaching out to our ensemble members, audience and supporters to share in some opportunities to help us grow and thrive. Below are three examples of how you can help. There are many other ways to support NHBCOS as well by volunteering at rehearsals, finding music for our conductors, inviting people to our concerts - the list is endless. Thanks for believing in and participating in our organization.

#1. Become a Give! Matching Grant donor. To become a matching grant donor, make a commitment by the end of August with a minimum donation of $500.00. Go to to complete the donor form or contact Wayne Griffin for instructions. Be sure your donation is designated to NHBCOS.

#2. You can help NHBCOS all year long by shopping at King Soopers/City Market. Kroger donates a small percentage of their sales to non-profits like NHBCOS. Over the years we have earned upwards of $2000 per year through this program and we'd like to see it grow. Complete the form at or pick up a copy of the form in the band office.

#3. Bring in new people to our ensembles. We're bringing back the Intermediate Band this session under the direction of Alex Marquez. This is a great way for people to reintroduce themselves to the instruments they haven't played in a while and familiarize themselves with once again playing in an ensemble.

We're looking forward to another fun session of rehearsals and community.

See you soon!

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Unknown member
Sep 23, 2023

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