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Intermediate Band


The Intermediate Band meets 6:00–7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the sanctuary of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located at 4720 Galley Road in Colorado Springs. Intermediate Band members must be able to read music, and easily play the final pages of a Level 1 band method book. 

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Intermediate Band is perfect for musicians who are not beginners, but are not yet ready for our advanced Concert or Symphonic Bands. Players must have their own instrument and Book 2 of Standard of Excellence by Bruce Pearson. The two-hour meetings include playing music, learning music theory, reading rhythms, improving skills, receiving instrument care/maintenance tips, and a break at the half-way point. Intermediate Band members will perform in an informal recital for friends and family during the final meeting of each session. The goal of Intermediate Band is to prepare adult musicians to join the more advanced ensembles if they choose to do so. You are welcome to visit one or two rehearsals to determine if this group is for you.  

Financial aid may be available, if funds exist and there is a genuine need. 

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Note: This ensemble will only be held each session if there are at least 12 participants. If fewer than 12 applicants register, the ensemble is cancelled and refunds are given to all who registered. If you would like to see an Intermediate Band this session, bring your friends!

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