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What We Do...

We’ve been rescued by music! Our lives improved through playing our instruments and interacting with other musicians.  Our adult ensembles rehearse and perform 30+ concerts for the community.  NHBCOS has become an integral part of our lives and we love it! Help us rescue more adults – donate to our NHBCOS cause.


Sitting in the middle of the band completely surrounded by beautiful music is like no other experience in the world! The music permeates from within our souls and flows through our instruments.  It brings joy to a new level.


Julie Ryder, French Horn player – Symphonic Band


We rescue music instruments from the closet and make them sing again.  Musical opportunities are offered through our concert bands, orchestra, jazz groups and small ensembles.  We rehearse 32 weeks a year and perform concerts in the community, including at the Ent Center for the Arts.  Social interaction, improved mental and physical health and a great sense of accomplishment benefit the 170 musicians in our programs.


Executive Director, Portable Microphone System, Contra Bass Clarinet

Did you know...

Music improves the memory of both the performer and listener.  It builds brain synapse connections and good work ethics, teaches discipline, and enhances memory.  

We make music, we build community, and we improve our health with every note we play.

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Watercolor images courtesy of artist Jenny Armitage. 

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