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Support NHBCOS through Give!

NHBCOS is pleased to announce that they've been accepted to participate in this year’s Give! Campaign. The Give! Campaign is an effective, efficient and fun annual philanthropic platform. NHBCOS is one of 63 participating nonprofit organizations and can be found in the “See Art, Make Art” category. The Give! Campaign runs from November 1 through December 31, AND Y0U CAN EARN REWARDS FOR MAKING A DONATION!

Historically, the funds raised through the campaign amounts to about 25% of our organization’s annual operating budget! Without a successful Give! Campaign, tuition would need to be higher in order to cover the organizations’ expenses above and beyond conductor salaries – expenses like rent, insurance, music purchases, equipment purchases, etc.

PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION! YOUR DONATION WILL BE MATCHED! Thanks to the generosity of our Matching Grant Donors, YOUR donation will be DOUBLED! So your $10 donation is worth $20 to NHBCOS; your $20 donation is worth $40; your $100 donation is worth $200, etc. We have $12,800 in matching grants!


Simply go to and enter your donation in the box at the upper right.

Do you really need another present under the Christmas tree? Instead, ask that a donation be made to NHBCOS through the Give! Campaign. Help us "Keep the Music Alive!"


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