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All June Rehearsals & Events Canceled

The FNHBCOS Board of Directors met recently via phone/video conference to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on our organization. Again, we reviewed the facts, as we know them today and the short-term impacts, the status of Prince of Peace Church and the Ent Center for the Arts, financial matters, and most importantly, people.

While there are a few encouraging signs that life with COVID-19 is slowly turning a little more positive, there are still many reasons that we must continue to exercise awareness and caution in everything we do and everywhere we go. The Board decided to cancel all events for the month of June and with the way the circumstances look now, we are not planning on any gatherings until at least the beginning of the Fall Semester on August 24, 2020. When we meet again next month, we will consider all options, depending on the facts at that time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed, either on Facebook or this web site. In the meantime, stay healthy, happy and keep the music alive.

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