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Message from your Board of Directors

Dear Band Members,

Your Board of Directors has had a very busy summer and want to share some of the issues we've faced and are dealing with at this time. Should you have any questions, please direct them to one of the board members. Also please remember that Sudy and Sunny are not board members, they are hired staff and should not be approached about matters that are better addressed by a board members. Thank you.

1) Thanks to all of you for your suggestions on a summer concert location. A lot of great ideas surfaced and we are already putting them into action to locate a viable concert venue for the 2019 summer concert session. Although we investigated many options this past year for the upcoming summer concert, we were not able to find a site that met all of our needs. We hope to achieve better success for the 2019 summer concert series.

2) We did not have an Intermediate Band class this summer as we didn't have enough people sign up for the band. We'd like to continue the Intermediate Band in the Fall and will need at least 10 people signed up to cover our expenses. Please spread the word to friends and family who may be interested in this program. Matt Wessner directs this band.

3) We will be offering an Introduction to Jazz course during the Fall Session. We're still working out the details of when the class will be scheduled, so watch your emails over the next couple of months for the information. You can register for the class now on the Fall Registration Form.

4) District #11 has booked their auditoriums (Mitchell and Coronado) with school activities on the dates we requested for our Fall Concert. We are trying to find another venue and will announce the concert date as soon as we have one reserved. Please be aware that the concert may occur in October, November or December. It might be a Friday night or it might be a Sunday afternoon. You will be notified as soon as we have details to share with you.

5) Elections for the Board of Directors will again take place in late October/early November. We have several members coming off the board, so please give thoughtful consideration to running for a board position. It is a very rewarding experience and you learn a great deal about the operations of New Horizons Band.

6) IndyGive! We once again have been selected to participate in the IndyGive! campaign. This will be our 5th year in the campaign and we typically raise $20,000 each year for NHBCOS. We know you're all excited to see us continue this fundraising effort!

7) King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Cards - another great fundraising program for NHBCOS. See Sudy or Sunny to obtain a card. The card is $5.00, which can be spent at King Soopers for groceries, gasoline and prescriptions. The best way to help the band is to "load" money on the card and use it faithfully every time you shop. The band receives 5% of the amount you put on the card each and every time you use it. Thanks to all of you who already use the card to help NHBCOS.

Have a great summer and we'll see you the last week of August when the Fall Session begins.

Your Board of Directors: Pama Beatty, David Murray, Tim McDevitt, Marcia Lee, Mark Rankin, Val Bardis, Kris Johnson, Carla Scott and Charlotte Baker


We make music, we build community, and we improve our health with every note we play.

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