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NHBCOS band members enjoy Drums Along the Rockies...

July 11th, was the Drum and Bugle Corps competition held at Mile High Stadium. 66 or so NHBCOS band members gathered together for a bus ride and a stop at Country Buffet before the big event. The music, drums, precision marching, flags, and dancers were beyond amazing! 11 Bands competed, and brought glorious entertainment to our eyes and ears. The Drum and Bugle Corps are young musicians and dancers between the age of 17 to 22 years of age.

Did you know: (Denver's Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corp facts)

1. 85 days of Drum Corps starts in May ends in August, with 6 days off.

2. The Blue Knights traveled 10,457 miles in the 2015 season.

3. The Blue Knights eat 5600 meals per week on Tour.

4. It takes 3 tour busses, 1 staff tour bus, 1 equipment truck, 1 food truck, 1 admin van, and 1 volunteer van to transport the Blue Knights across America while on tour.

5. A day in the life of a Blue Knight...sleep on gym floor, eat-pack-load, water, sunscreen, rehearse, re-set, drill, laugh, dress on bus, treat bruises and blisters, watch a movie, fall asleep on bus, next city etc...

*Facts provided from 2015 Drums Along the Rockies event book.

If you missed this season be sure to come next year

for a evening of great music, friendship, and fun!

Be sure to view more pictures of this event on the Band Gallery page.

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