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  • Julie Ryder

Secunds Pleez! A new trumpet ensemble kicks off the 4th of July with patriotic concert!

Secunds Pleez is a new trumpet ensemble of NHBCOS trumpet players. The members of the ensemble are various players of both the CB and SB and play 2nd parts in both bands, hence the name Secunds Pleez! The newly formed choir performed for the residents at the Village at Skyline July 3rd. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the ensemble performed a variety of patriotic, choral, and popular tunes. The residents were thrilled and delightedly sang along to tunes such as the Star Spangled Banner, Over the Rainbow, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and God Bless America. The ensemble consists of 6 trumpet players: Dave M. (founder), Ted R., Marty S., Steve T., Mona A., and Mike H. Thanks trumpeteers for bringing joy of music to the residents of Village at Skyline! What a great start to the holiday weekend!

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