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Upcoming Events


All ensembles are busy rehearsing for upcoming concerts!  Check the calendar for dates so you don't miss all the terrific music coming up in March and April!

NEW!!!  The dates for the Summer Session have been set.  Rehearsals begin the week of May 15th and continue through July 6th.  Stay tuned for details about the Summer concert.  We hope to have a wonderful outdoor venue lined up soon.

CLARINETFEST 2023 - To all clarinet players:  the 50th annual Clarinetfest will be held in Westminster, Colorado July 5-9.  It's been quite some time since this event was held in Colorado.  Google 'Clarinetfest 2023' for details.  FYI - You must be a member of the International Clarinet Association (ICA) to participate.

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